Unforgettable Korean Pork Ribs (돼지갈비) Experience in Seoul! Chunjiyeon 천지연

    Located a bit outside Seoul, the Cheonjiyeon Guri W Walker Hill branch offers a modern and sophisticated setting to enjoy traditional Korean cuisine, garnering much attention from visitors.

    Situated in Guri City, Acheon-dong, right next to the Walker Hill Hotel, finding this spot might not be the easiest, but it offers a special taste and atmosphere.

    Specializing in traditional Korean cuisine, particularly marinated ribs, this place, known for both Songdo Galbi and Cheonjiyeon, is well-loved for its offerings.

    With valet parking available, parking is convenient, and the interior boasts clean and elegant décor, creating a luxurious ambiance. Additionally, located on the third floor, the seating arrangement is cozy with tables designed to comfortably accommodate guests.

    The main dish usually ordered is the marinated pork ribs, with sides like tangy and crisp cabbage kimchi, various namuls (seasoned vegetables), eggplant tempura, and spicy pickled cabbage complementing the flavors. Ordering a side of soybean paste stew and rice to complete the meal is also recommended.

    Although slightly on the higher end in terms of pricing, the abundant side dishes and high-quality meat contribute to high levels of satisfaction among guests. Moreover, with operating hours until 9 p.m., diners can enjoy their meals leisurely.

    Cheonjiyeon Guri W Walker Hill Branch may be located a bit outside Seoul, but its unique flavors and ambiance have earned it much love from patrons. With modern interiors and high-quality cuisine, it’s a recommended dining spot, even for tourists visiting Korea.

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