Seoul Byeolmadang (Starfield) Library: A New Hub for Reading and Culture (별마당 도서관)

    Among the plethora of libraries in Seoul, Seoul Byeolmadang Library stands out as a unique hub for reading and cultural enrichment. It offers distinctive programs and diverse services, providing readers with new experiences beyond the joy of reading alone. Seoul Byeolmadang Library goes beyond simply offering a wide selection of books; it also provides cultural programs that engage visitors in various artistic realms. Through book...

    Exploring Seoul’s Jamsil District and Lotte Tower

    For travelers visiting Seoul, the Jamsil district and Lotte World Tower stand out as captivating destinations. Located in the southeastern part of Seoul, this area is renowned for its diverse attractions and vibrant atmosphere. Jamsil District: Jamsil serves as a major commercial and entertainment hub of Seoul, offering something for everyone, from thrilling amusement parks to serene lakeside parks. One of the highlights of the...

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