Korean BBQ

    Unforgettable Korean Pork Ribs (돼지갈비) Experience in Seoul! Chunjiyeon 천지연

    Located a bit outside Seoul, the Cheonjiyeon Guri W Walker Hill branch offers a modern and sophisticated setting to enjoy traditional Korean cuisine, garnering much attention from visitors. Situated in Guri City, Acheon-dong, right next to the Walker Hill Hotel, finding this spot might not be the easiest, but it offers a special taste and atmosphere. Specializing in traditional Korean cuisine, particularly marinated ribs, this place,...

    Korean BBQ: A Unique Experience of Taste and Culture – 삼겹살

    Korean BBQ is one of the most popular dishes in Korean cuisine, characterized by its culture of enjoying various meats and side dishes together. This dish is not only about its taste but also about the shared experience and cultural significance it holds. The process of grilling meat directly fosters a social and lively atmosphere, making it a unique experience. The most popular meats in...

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