‘Korea House’ Gohojae(고호재): A Beautiful Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

    Located in Seoul, ‘Korea House’ Gohojae stands out as one of the iconic traditional houses. Gohojae is a space where traditional Korean house style is reinterpreted with a modern sensibility, offering visitors tranquility and beauty.

    Nestled in a quiet alley amidst Seoul’s bustling streets, Gohojae boasts over 500 years of history, maintaining its beauty and charm throughout the passage of time. While preserving the traditional Korean architectural style, it also provides modern conveniences, ensuring a comfortable stay for everyone.

    Inside Gohojae, traditional Korean furniture and ornaments adorn the space, providing an opportunity for visitors to experience Korea’s unique culture and art. Additionally, diverse cultural experience programs, such as traditional tea ceremonies and trying on hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), are offered, providing unforgettable experiences for visitors.

    Gohojae proudly offers a wide array of traditional Korean cuisine alongside modern dishes, catering to the diverse palate of visitors. Traditional Korean delicacies such as Kimchi jjigae (Kimchi stew), Bulgogi (Marinated beef), and Doenjang jjigae (Soybean paste stew) are meticulously prepared with fresh ingredients, preserving the authentic flavors.

    Moreover, Gohojae showcases various regional specialties from across Korea, allowing guests to savor distinctive dishes unique to each region. From Jeonju’s Bibimbap (Mixed rice with vegetables and meat), Busan’s seafood dishes, to Gangwon Province’s Galbitang (Beef rib soup), visitors can experience the regional diversity of Korean cuisine.

    In addition to traditional fare, Gohojae also offers a diverse selection of modern dishes through collaborations with renowned Korean restaurants, providing guests with a taste of Korea’s contemporary culinary scene. Furthermore, special menus tailored for international visitors ensure a delightful dining experience for all, accommodating diverse dietary preferences and tastes.

    Gohojae cherishes Korea’s beautiful traditions while offering modern amenities and cultural experiences. It is highly recommended for those visiting Seoul who wish to immerse themselves in Korea’s rich culture. Gohojae is undoubtedly the top choice for those seeking to experience the beauty of Korean culture.

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